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How does speed (mph/km) affect your calories burned?r

5.5 mph250292333375417
10 mph486567648729810
12 mph572667762857953
14 mph7148339531,0721,191
16 mph8571,0001,1431,2861,429

The faster you are going, the more miles/kilometres you will cover in a quicker time.

However if you are doing a group ride and someone completes the same distance as you in a slower time, then it doesn’t mean you have burned more calories. If you weigh more than someone else in the group then you may burn more calories even if you finish behind them.  So if you have a fixed time to exercise the quicker you exercise the more calories you will burn.

From the table of results, if you weigh 175lb and you cycled for 1 hour at 10mph then you would burn 567 calories (10 miles).

If you cycle at 12mph then they would burn 572 calories (12 miles).

Lastly if you cycled 16mph for 16 miles would burn 1,000 calories in 1 hour.

Calories Burned Biking per Mile / KM

The best way to burn the most calories is to ride a longer distance, however be careful not to push yourself too hard as it may cause injury. For example instead of doing a massive bike ride straight away and risking an injury, you would be best to gradually do a little extra so you can still do the exercise but not risk hurting yourself, which could prevent you from exercising for a month or two.

So, what this means is the further you ride, the more calories you burn. For example if you ride 5 miles one day and another day you ride for 10 miles, then you will burn double the calories than you burned on the 5 mile ride.

If a person who weighs 200lb cycles for 1 mile for 5 minutes (at a fixed speed of 12mph) then they would burn 64 calories.

If the same person cycles for 10 miles for 50 minutes (again at a fixed speed of 12mph) then they would burn 635 calories.

Finally if the same person cycles for 30 miles (at a fixed speed of 12mph) then they would burn 1,905 calories.

1 mile/1.6 km4856647179
3 mile/4.8km143167191214238
5 mile/8 km238278318357397
10 mile/16.1 km476556635714794
15 mile/24.2 km7148339531,0721,191
20 mile/32.2 km9531,1111,2701,4291,588
30 mile/48.3 km1,4291,6671,9052,1432,381

The table shows examples of calories burned per distance at a fixed speed of 12mph.

Calories burned biking over different periods of time

When biking over a period of time, you will see the longer you cycle for the more work you have done, which means the more calories you will burn.

When you start to cycle to burn calories and keep fit you should make sure to gradually increase your time on each ride, again you don’t want to jump straight into a long bike ride and risk hurting yourself.

The more work you put into your bike ride means there is a higher level of physical exertion. Physical exertion means the physical activity of your muscles.

10 mins95111127143159
15 mins143167191214238
30 mins286333381429476
45 mins429500572643714
60 mins572667762857953
1.5 hours8571,0001,1431,2861,429
2 hours1,1431,3341,5241,7151,905

From our table of results, we can see that if someone weighs, 225lb and cycles for 30 minutes then they will burn 429 calories (at a distance of 6 miles)

If the same person then cycles for 60 minutes then they will burn 857 calories (at a distance of 12 miles)

Finally, if he cycles for 2 hours then he will burn 1,715 calories (at a distance of 24 miles)

How does your weight affect your calories burned biking?

When measuring your calories being burned when biking, your weight is very important to consider. You will burn different units of calories depending on your weight.

For example, if you weigh 200lb and your partner weighs 175lb, if you both do 5 miles then you will burn more calories because you weigh more than your partner. The reason why heavier people burn more calories is because it takes more energy to move a heavier body.

5.5 mph250292333375417
10 mph486567648729810
12 mph572667762857953
14 mph7148339531,0721,191
16 mph8571,0001,1431,2861,429

If you weigh 150lb doing 5.5mph which is 5.5 miles in 1 hour would burn 250 calories.

Secondly, if you do 12mph which again is 12 miles in 1 hour then you would burn 572 calories.

Again, if you do 14mph which would be 14 miles in 1 hour you would burn 714 calories.

How many calories does cycling burn?

The average person will burn between 450 to 750 calories per hour cycling.

The number of calories depends on your weight, speed and time spent biking.

Use our calculator to get a person estimate of the calories burned on your last bike ride.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Biking a Mile?

As you see above the number of calories burned biking a mile will depend on your weight and how fast you cover that mile, but as a general indicator here’s a couple of examples:

  • a 150 person cycling a steady pace of 14 mph will burn 48 calories per mile, that same person traveling at 20 mph would burn 56 calories per mile.
  • A 200 lb person biking at a normal speed of 14mph will burn 64 calories per mile, if they sped up to 20 mph this would increase to 75 calories per mile.

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